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Curious about Fall Ball Opportunities?

OBA does not take an active role in forming fall baseball teams; that will be up to parents / coaches at each age group.  OBA will be available as a resource and will make fields & equipment available to any teams that would like to play fall ball.  

There are many options to consider for fall baseball.  MYAS is the most common league that our players/coaches have chosen to play in over the past few years.  Teams in this league generally play Sunday double-headers over the course of 6 weeks.  In the past, 2 of those 6 doubleheaders have been in the Orono area.  They have multiple levels of competition available. Here is their website with details.   

While OBA won’t take an active role in forming teams or naming coaches, we do still expect that our coaching standards are upheld, and that teams represent our community and association as they would during the summer seasons.  Depending on the interest level from kids / parents at your age groups, you may need to combine teams within an age group.  Please be sure to openly communicate with the other coaches early if this is a possibility. 

Fall ball is a great way to get more time out on the field and big improvements can be made during this time of year.  We hope that some of you will take this one and please let us know if we can help with anything. 

For In-House ages, fall sandlot opportunities are under discussion and information will be emailed out once finalized.

Orono Baseball is so grateful for a generous donation & matching gift to install new scoreboards at the Lee Carlson Fields! These scoreboards are in memory of Coach John Greiber - longtime OBA supporter and former board member.  Thank you!

2018 Season Photos

Share your team photos with OBA! We want to see photos from all ages! Email them to or TEXT to 763-355-4855 with team name and/or a caption, and we'll feature below and via social media!

2018 Opening Day Photos

View full Opening Day photo album here.

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