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Recent 12A Travel Team News

12A Wins Shakopee Tournament

By Will Foster 06/25/2019, 11:30am CDT

Orono 12A Wins!!!!!

The Orono 12A team fought hard throughout the tournament to become Tournament Champions for the first time in several years.  They have had several 3rd & 2nd place finishes throughout they years,  but the championship has always eluded them,,,,,, until this time.  Congrats to the team in taking down a very good STMA team (who we've previously faced with a 1-1 record).



Looking for game stats? Try Gamechanger

By Will Foster 05/21/2019, 3:00pm CDT

Want detailed stats??

All of our games are setup in the app called GameChanger.  You can follow the games live or review later.  In addition, there are detailed stats on the team and individual players.   App available in both Android & Apple.

Orono Gamechanger website link